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We are still talking to our artists.
So the list is not 100% air tight.


But don´t miss the world-famous artists - some of them will be in Saxony for their first time. Get new inspiration and impulses! They will show you most beautiful dance moves and styling tips. We guarantee you unforgettable shows and workshops, instructed by competent, experienced and very sympathetic dance instructors.

Terry "la guagua" Tauliaut (Paris, France)

Terry was born in France, near Paris. When he was 8 years old his family left the metropolis to return to Guadeloupe, the island of origin. From an early age he developed a passion for dance, it soon became an outstanding dancer dances traditional Creole.


It is also necessary in Hip Hop and other dance styles prevalent among young people; Terry already proved unbeatable as a dancer ...

At 19 he discovered salsa and this discovery marked a turning point in his life. He devoted himself to studying and learning. Regular practice of this ever-growing passion led him to become champion of salsa in Guadeloupe at the age of 23. Later he was invited to join as a teacher one of the most prestigious dance school of paris . Then he met Cecile, when they began training together. Soon after they joined U Tribe, the renowned company known worldwide.

In August 2007, Terry and Cecile always along side U-Tribe, decided to undertake an adventure of a different scale: the opening of their own dance school, Salsalianza.

In parallel with the school, career dancers continues to increase and shows incredible touched the hearts of the world. Today Terry foam conferences where he has earned a reputation as a "dancing machine" or "Guagua salsa" (minibus in reference to taxi dancer).

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Cécile "Chechi" Ovide (Paris, France)

Cecile was born in France, from a family Creole from Martinique. From childhood, she was introduced to the "Dance" and is fast becoming the professional level. The diversity of talent ranging from classical ballet to hip-hop through the Modern Jazz and contemporary dance, allowed him to integrate a number of companies.


Today, specializing in salsa, it has a seasoned master of all genres: Salsa Casino, Los Angeles style, and the New Yorker.

After meeting with Terry at the School where Cecilia taught long ago, she, like her partner, continued to work all the styles they were encounter.

Since the founding of his school, Cécile has demonstrated his talents, not only confirmed but also a dancer and choreographer, designer and is responsible for all the costumes for their show and, in tandem with Terry, who choreographed the have made known throughout the world ...

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Leon Rose and his Project (UK | France)

Leon Rose is one of the freshest innovators in the international Salsa scene. His inspirational style generates enthusiasm and commitment to the art of Salsa dancing as demonstrated when he won the 2000 UK Bacardi Salsa, 2001 Salsa Club championship and 2003 Aji con mango competitions.


He was born and educated in London and comes from a Caribbean background where he learnt to appreciate a wide variety of good music from an early age. During these years, Leon attended The Anna Scher Theatre School, which led to many appearances on stage, popular children's shows, including 'Grange Hill' to several televised dramas, one alongside Dame Judy Dench.

He has performed on television and stage, from appearances with Enrique Iglesias on Top of the Pops (BBC), The Des O'Connor Show to The Royal Albert Hall in aid of Princess Diana Landmine Fund, Hackney Empire and various prestigious venues around the UK and the rest of the world.

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Jazzy and Iris (Oslo, Norway)

Jazzy and Iris are both professional dancers, that graduated from the Norwegian College of Dance. A Bachelor degree in Performing Arts and Pedagogy.


Jazzy has his background from jazz, modern, ballet, break dance, hip-hop, Latin jazz, flamenco and other Latin dances such as salsa, cha-cha-cha, mambo, Afro-Cuban and show dance. Jazzy started his international carrier in 2001. He then started to travel the world, performing and teaching at various congresses word wide. In 2002 he started Norway’s biggest salsa and Latin dance school «Salsakompaniet». Jazzy also took part in different Norwegian TV productions: “So you think you can dance?”, “Skal vi danse?”, “Stjernekamp”, “Adils hemmelige dansere” and “Norway got talent”.

Iris graduated in 2014. She majored in jazz dance, but also studied other techniques such as ballet and modern dance. Iris has experience from teaching and performing various styles such as ballet, musical, show jazz, lyrical jazz, latin jazz, street dance, salsa all levels, lady styling and bachata. She had her international debut show at Hamburg Salsa festival 2014. In her profession as a dancer, Iris values musicality, a strong technical base and an artistic expression that reflects her sharpness, elegance and versatility.

She started working, teaching and performing with Jazzy Ruiz in March 2014. Their style together is full of energy, strong technique and personality. They have a strong base in pedagogy that shows in their style of teaching. Jazzy and Iris teach classes in salsa, bachata, cha-cha-cha, spin technique, men’s and lady styling and much more. Check out the workshops and shows during the festival. They promise to bring power, energy and a lot of passion for their classes and shows. Iris and Jazzy loves to dance with everybody, see you on the dance floor!

ALEXISTYLE Alexis Ruiz       (Oslo, Norway)

Worldwide known for his unique dance style and extreme musicality skills, Natural born latin dancer also a choreographer, instructor, musician and drummer. He was born and raised in La Antigua, Guatemala.


He learned the basics of latin dance and music at his parents' school "Ritmo Latino Dance Academy", where he started to teach at the age of 13. He has travelled around the world to study music and dance like Afro-Cuban, African dance, Tap, Flamenco, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo-Salsa, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, House, Latin Percussion, African Percussion that later on he would fuse to shape his own style both as solo performer and in couple, In 1999 he got a degree in Afro-Cuban dances and percussion at "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional De Cuba". In 2000 he moved to Japan where he set up his own dance school and latin-jazz sextet "Foribale", and started teaching and performing around the East Asia with a great success. He was recognised for his great contribution in promoting the latin dance, music and culture around the world by one of the greatest latin dance promotors Mr Albert Torres at the Annual West Coast Salsa Congress 2005. In 2007 he moved to Oslo, Norway, where he worked along side with his father Walter Aleman and brother Jazzy Ruiz. He travels for teaching and performing all over the world getting a lot of recognition and respect for his unique style both in dancing and musicality also for his vast knowledge of history of latin music and dance which he lectures and educates in many latin festival around the world. He is a great mixture of passion,creativity,freedom and inspiration both as teacher, social dancer, percussionist and performer in a unique way which accredited him with the name of "Alexistyle".

KATRIN Lerner (Milan, Italy)

Katrin, from Germany, started her dance education at the State Ballet school in Berlin. During her improvement, she continued her studies at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz in Dresden, where she graduated as a Stage Dancer in classical Ballet and modern Dance.


Along her studies, she discovered the Latin music such as the dance and felt passioned for it. Now a days, Katrin is working in several Project, as well as creating her own choreographies. Out of her variegated Background, she developed a personal characteristic on stage, with the Way of telling a story, she shows her Spirit in Dance. Her carisma and charming naturally on stage captivate the audiences, her musicality and dance skills makes her a very versatile dancer that is gaining recognition for her unique style.

Mark-Anthony Sheppard  (Spain | Canada)

Mark-Anthony, started his salsa dancing training in Toronto, Canada in 2000 and has since become a well know artist around the world. He was one of the first artists from Toronto to perform NY Style ON2 and now he specializes in that style.


 In 2008 he formed his own dance company called MAS Mambo and since then his team has been invited to some of the best salsa festivals and congress around the world. His passion for the Latin culture, music and the arts is unquestionable and it can be seen when he performs, teaches and social dances. His music interpretation and musicality is always fun to watch and he enjoys when the music takes him on a journey. Mark-Anthony has great body movements, footwork and styling, his turn patterns are cool and creative and he enjoys himself on stage and on the dance floor

Supermario (India | UK)

For many years now, Super Mario has been a household name on the international Salsa scene, recognised and respected by students and fellow professionals for his amazing lead, unlimited database of fantastic moves/combinations and his teaching ability.


His classes and workshops have always been extremely popular both in the UK and in countries as far as Australia, Japan and the USA, specialising on technique but always maintaining an element of fun.

Mario was born in India but moved to the UK as a teenager. He settled in London, where he continued his education, taking a degree in mathematics and also qualifying as an accountant. In 1998, a friend took him to a salsa club where the teacher immediately saw his potential. Mario was hooked straight away and has never looked back since. Still based in London and travelling to teach nearly every weekend of the year, Mario specialises in cross body style, dancing on the 1 or the 2 and focusing mainly on moves and combinations, with special emphasis on leading techniques.

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Moe Flex (London, UK)

Moe joined the dance circuit in 1998 and immediately excelled to build a reputation that put him on the stage with huge celebrities from the music world as one of the lead choreographers for the MOBO awards.



Whilst in a dance crew that were ranked in the top ten in the world Moe ventures further a field to find his feet as a professional dancer in other styles of dance.

With an in depth study of the art of sound and movement Moe created a unique teaching technique that is now used all over the world for dancers of many styles.

As well as a renowned teacher, performer and DJ, Moe took to the stage as a presenter and entertainer to round off any event and made the package complete and touring the world.


Most popular teacher award 2006-2012
Most popular show award 2006
Special recognition award 2010
Performers of the year award 2012
Most popular dance performers award 2013

Here is a sneak peak: Youtube: Moe Flex

Or visit him on Facebook: Facebook: Moe Flex

Honza Dvorak& Ina Daucikova (Prague, Czech Republic)

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Timbalitas Show-dance Group (Karlsruhe, Germany)

In October 2013 Sarah, Jasmin and Sabrina started their project that was a fusion between oriental and mambo. The first show "Passion of Percussion" combined modern body isolations from the oriental bellydance with self created moves from other dances.

Tania Cannarsa was born in Sri Lank, but grew up in Italy. Therefore she has always seen herself rooted in the italian culture.
Tania began studying dance at the age of 10 years. First classical ballet and then she added jazz and lyrical dance to her repertoire. She is an all-rounder!
She gained her first experiences while she was 5 years with the group "Latin Black". After that she was introduced into the Marco Beretta Company "Flamboyant Dancers" where she gradually learned the New York salsa style and expanded her dancing skills further.
Thereafter, Tania began her career as a professional dance teacher with her dance partner Jonathan Somoza.
Currently she is working and dancing with Adolfo Indacochea and his company "The Latin Soul Dancers", one of the most famous Salsa Companys in the world!
See for yourself: Youtube: Timbalitas»
Visit them on Facebook: Facebook: Timbalitas»

Janine Edler (Leipzig, Germany)

Janine Edler has been dancing couple dance since her early childhood. Through a longer stay in Paris in the year 2000 she found her passion for salsa. This was the reason she went back to Paris 4 years later to study there for a year. Since 2003 she is a part of festivals everywhere in europe.


In 2005 she was one of the jurys from the first Salsa Championship in Saxony. And in 2006 she was in the finals of the bulgaria Fantafestival competition in Sofia. Until this day she is on many festivals and enjoying every minute of it. But she primarily sees her place in her favourite city, Leipzig, where she influences the salsa scene as a teacher and a event organiser.

For 10 years Janine has been giving cources and workshops now in and around Leipzig and about 2 years ago she founded the teaching and  event project Mamboleo which also includes a show group since last year.

Sarah Balzat (Berlin, Germany)

Sarah has different roots all over the world. Since a very young age she used to travel a lot and lived in many different cities. Her first contact with the arts was with music. As she grew up in a family full of musicians and began performing on the stage as a singer at a very early age of 6, music was always an important part of her live.


A few years later, starting with Salsa and all different kind of Latin dances such as Bachata and Cuban Rumba, at the age of 14 she was directly packed by the joy of dance which is unbroken until now.

A Bachelor´s degree in classical and contemporary dance and a Master degree in choreography and dance education makes her same a thrilling dancer, choreographer and outstanding and experienced teacher. Her fun and intense Salsa, Pachanga and Bachata classes are admired by many students in Germany and all over Europe. Sarah´s dancing is characterized by her visible passion for the music and a flawless movement quality.

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Eddi (Hannover, Germany)

When Eddi was only 3 years old he discovered is love for dancing. Dancing has always been his number one hobby in his free time. His wide-ranging interests in this field which include ballet, Jazz dance, Step dance, Folklore, Standard and Latin dance and even breakdance make his style so unigue and interesting.


DBut it doesn't matter which dance is up: he always puts all of his energy, attention and heart into it. His dancing is particularly characterized by his expressiveness, his charme and his humor.

2002 was the year Eddi came to Salsa. And to this day it is his utmost pleasure to live out his passion in this dance. Great Salsa performers like Eddie Torres, Leo "Silk" Garcia, Jose Neglia, Luis Vazquez, Ismael Otero & Grizelle Ponce, Felipe Polanco, Eddie „the Salsafreak“, Johnny Vazquez, Francisco Vazquez etc... supported him essentially in his development. It is still very important for Eddi to continuosly improve his dancing skills whenever possible on Salsafestivals where he also teaches others as an invited artist and teacher.

Daniel & Jasmin (Freiburg | München, Germany)

Daniel Schauenburg started dancing Salsa and Bachata with real zest from 2010;
after this, he developed very quickly with the support of wold-renowned teachers at
international festivals and congresses^.


To further hone his skills, he attended the
dance school, Dance Academy St. Georgen (Germany), for one year, where he
also acquired a basic knowledge of ballet, modern and jazz dance.
His enthusiasm was so great that a short while later he started teaching at the
dance schools: Salsa Kings (France) and Salsa Con Pasión (Freiburg).
Since 2013, though, he's made Kizomba his field. He not only channels this passion
through his regular classes but also on the international scene with workshops in
Bulgaria, Thailand, France as well as at international festivals.
Jasmin started to dance ballet as a little kid. With 16 years she discovered her
passion for Latin/Ballroom dancing and got trained by international top coaches,
winning many competitions in Germany.
During her time in Los Angeles where she was living for two years, Jasmin received
training in Salsa dance. Back in Germany she started to give Salsa classes and to
dance shows in addition to her Latin/Ballroom dancing.
Her passion and love for Kizomba finally arose in Paris – the city of love – where
she did learn from top dancers and were able to develop her dance and style.
Daniel's & Jasmin's workshops are filled with positive energy, technical precision
and - above all - lots of fun.