Salsafestival Dresden

Salsafestival Dresden

Salsa stands for fire, passion and erotism. It is the “hot dip” that Latinos, Africans and New York people created out of their mixed rhythms, making it the way of life for a whole nation. The Salsafestival Dresden is a short but inspiring journey through the history of Cuban music and dance, presenting itself in front of a breath taking scenery. Each year Dresden fascinates thousands of visitors with its beauty and elegance. For already the third time, the Festival allures dancers from all over the world with its fascination.

Following the tradition of the last Vour successful festivals, also this year will beautiful and passionate dancers and rhythm-shaked DJs create a firework of passion on the dance floor and demonstrate how unconditionally Cubans lives through their music and history.

The international world class dancers, coming from different continents, will not only present their very own interpretation of the Latin-American way of life, but also transmit their passion for music by giving many workshops and classes during the festival.

Enjoy this unique combination of presentations, shows, parties and workshops during three days in Dresden, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

We are delighted to welcome you!